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ADGAD is an Israeli Company which develops successful projects in South America & other parts of the world during the last 20 years.

ADGAD is dedicated to advise in planning and implementing agricultural projects. Supplying Olive-trees plants, various fruit trees, high quality seeds, advanced irrigation equipment and agricultural inputs.

Each project started by ADGAD has an essential advantage of being advised and accompanied in international marketing, until the project comes to its completion.

ADGAD provides vegetables seeds, such as: Long-shelf-life tomatoes, Industrial tomatoes, melons, peppers, watermelon, onions etc. Regarding tomatoes seeds: We supply different developed cultures of long-shelf-life seeds, for local and international market. These seeds replace the traditional ones.

ADGAD plans, designs and supplies equipment for advanced irrigation by dripping, micro-sprinklers & sprinklers. (The whole set). We supply the following items:
High quality olive trees plants, for oil production and table olives.
We offer a whole project of Olive-Oil-Production including plants, suitable irrigation equipment, supply of olive oil factory and professional quidance by international high level experts concerning the project process and marketing the final product.

Hybrid melons seeds of long-shelf-life (type Galia), being in great demand, including quidance in international marketing for the final product.

Our international experts will accompany and guide the project beginning with field preparation till the finished product.
Bulbs, seeds, plants and flowers, as roses, carnations, irises, etc.
Plants of deciduous fruit trees (apples, pears, grapes), tropical fruits (Avocado, mango, etc.)
Accessories and by-products like fertilizers, dripping irrigation, antivirus-net, conservatories plastic cover, etc.
A natural material, Ad-2000, destined to prevent and control kinds of fungi, as: Rhizoctonia Solani, Pythium spp, Sclerotium rolfsi and Fusarium spp in breeding grounds and field. It is used in tomatoes, melons, peppers, cucumber onions, other vegetables and flowers plantations.

ADGAD actively participates in various Agriculture exhibitions which take place in Latin America. We travel several times a year to Chile, Peru and other countries in order to attend the exhibitions and to guide the number of projects we established there.
We contact our clients directly an immediately. If you would like to have additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will respond as soon as possible.

ADGAD is a company which has solutions & answers for any question & problem.
Our phones are: 972 - 4 – 9834695 /972 - 4 9837629
Fax No. is : 972 - 4 - 9833345

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